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Encounter the Divine Life Source



From the dust of Burning Man to the dust of mortality, SpiritSpace meets you where you are. It is a space for you to commune with the Spirit, as facilitated via Zoom by our creative and divinely insightful team. It is a place of encountering the Spirit by connecting with and encouraging one another. Here, you will discover a beautiful acceptance, a sense of belonging, and renewed empowerment for your onward journey. All are welcome!


An unaffiliated group of friends with a common passion to express the Creator’s love through our spirit connection. Wellbeing and wholeness are at the heart of all we offer, believing that we are most fulfilled when the spiritual enlightens the natural.



We believe in destiny connections, that nothing happens by chance. It’s a privilege to be able to journey with you, even for a short time, where you can explore and embrace the deeper ‘you’ through a personal encounter with the Spirit of Life. Our purpose is to help people find freedom from anything that interferes with their ultimate purpose.



Just bring yourself with an open heart to receive in a place of trust and peace. Bring your dreams, let go of some baggage and reconnect the different parts of you. Maybe you’re looking to heal up from damage done, needing help in overcoming fears, confusion or rejection, or genuinely lost in transit along the freeway of modern life.


We are here for you - all of you - because we know that your individual purpose and destiny can be known to you. The key is knowing where to look and who to seek...


Where Light Falls by Alex Mowbray



A bow of radiance appears out of a multitude of rain drops, a phenomenon of white light. Still it catches the eye, pausing our journey with childhood echoes of treasure that lays beyond. It’s beauty stretches out, arcing in a flawless curve through intense, pure colour, perfectly blended waves of visible energy.


This iconic feature is symbolic of a vast, natural, integrated network behind all that we see and all that we don’t. We continue to discover ways in which this network works, often applying a rational explanation presented as scientific probability to feed our inquisitive minds. We are becoming expert at knowing how, when and where, yet ‘why’ remains elusive and however convincing the reasoning fails to explain the non-material character of life.


Across the world countless generations have pursued other worldviews that equally embrace science yet transcend its logic and its theory, evading detection even by the most sophisticated technology. This is the realm of timelessness - gigantic and invisible - influencing our perceptions of reality and the decisions we make on our earthly journey. The existence of a ‘spiritual place’ inspires faith and sustainable hope, personifying our deepest need to belong. 


The idea that something bigger than all of us is ‘out there’ is etched on the human soul and it’s this quest to discover the meaning of meaning that drives us to explore absolutely everything, however deep or remote it may be. As creatures of curiosity the fascination with who we are is a powerful motivation to make spiritual connections - being human is to be passionate about discovering identity.


We’ve become so weary of being described and defined by what we do, yearning to be acknowledged and welcomed for who we really are, a recognition that our true value is not determined by performance or usefulness to society.


The idea that we can access this invisible realm goes way beyond our hopes and dreams simply because it doesn't begin or end with us. Imagine we are grains of sand upon the vast beach of eternity where each grain is individual and unique, resonant with spiritual identity. This realisation is powerful, impacting the way we perceive and pursue life on Earth, encouraging us to engage with higher powers. Just as the rainbow is a stunningly beautiful expression of a fundamental, universal principle, so our vibrant connection with the spirit realm can yield a profound depth of meaning and fulfilment to our natural existence.


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of our connection to the spiritual realm is the possibility of two-way conversation.  Of course, we tend to think we are the ones who initiate contact that prompts a spiritual response but what if it's the other way round? If it's true to say that we each have the equipment and ability to operate psychically, it cannot be surprising that spiritual forces will continually seek their own connection with our human soul.


All are welcome to explore deeper spiritual connection and take some time and space to reflect on your spiritual journey at SPIRITSPACE. Once a month for two hours you can join us online in our Zoom Room for free, to soak up creative conversation, intriguing visuals, videos, art and poetry on the current theme, participate if you wish and choose from the breakout room options to explore further. Those who visit us experience a personal encounter, where the soul and the spirit meet, where the inner dialogue becomes infused with pure light from the Spirit of Creation. A beautiful transformation takes place as you rise above the subjective and the transitory, liberating your heart and mind as you connect with wisdom from the Spirit of Infinity…


Take a step to enter into SpiritSpace, and visit for all ways to connect.

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