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Healing and Wholeness

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

By Alex Mowbray, Spirit Warrior

As we step into the arena of healing, some questions arise.

  • If I have no obvious signs of damage or malfunction, feeling well, fit and healthy, why am I in need of healing?

  • Supposing my ‘brokenness’ has its roots in lower power and highest power contention, like some kind of predisposition, how would I know that?

  • If modern science and medicine are unable to perform this kind of spiritual restoration, what would need to happen for me to experience healing?

  • How do I - and you - know what’s going on inside my soul that causes damage to my spiritual wellbeing and impacts my human journey?

  • If healing is about the spiritual recovery of our wholeness, then restoration is the lifetime process of that discovery, and wellbeing is our emotional response in both the spirit and the soul

What is healing and why do we need it? Not one of us is free from the struggle to get and stay well, and all the advice and support from healthcare professionals, wellbeing practitioners and private insurance schemes can’t protect us from getting sick. What is amazing is our ability to rise above the worst of circumstances, to cling on, choose to hope, celebrate life and enjoy what we have while we are here.

Despite all we know about protecting ourselves from damage, whether outside or inside the body, we are discovering just how much our personal health is a complex relationship of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental factors. Two thousand years ago a prophet said that ‘The hand cannot say to the foot, ‘I don’t need you’’. That powerful metaphor speaks literally to the interdependence of different parts of the body, symbolic of a holistic way of understanding who we are. Now, more than ever, this joined-up thinking is vital not only for our security but our physical and emotional wellbeing. While the shape of our needs may have changed, the nature of our brokenness becomes apparent, bringing isolation, fear, pain and damage on a global scale.

In one way or another, we seek some kind of healing, some binding together in our increasing fragmentation. This healing will generally include restoring, renewing, revitalising and overcoming with the intent to bring about a better state of wellbeing, literally being made well again. The need for healing flows from a core desire in us to be whole, to be complete, restored to our original state. The pursuit of healing flows from the awareness of imperfection, sustained injury and the inability to fully express who we are and what to do about our condition.

Sometimes it’s obvious what needs healing, other times it’s more difficult to identify because it’s not actually physical, impacting our emotional and spiritual state. Invisible damage is rarely easy to ‘fix’, generally taking longer to achieve and often connected to other aspects of ourselves that frustrate the healing process, despite the desire for wholeness.

Increasingly there is a deeper searching, whatever the reason, and many people recognise that the spiritual path offers the possibility of a different kind of wellbeing. This holistic approach is the essence of true spiritual healing – primarily addressing the soul and the spirit. It involves a super-natural separation from a dark influence or history, a letting go of all that holds us back, the cleansing of the soul and confidence to believe in the source of invisible healing power.

An underlying health issue in the mind or the body may only be discovered under investigation by specialists who can then better understand a root cause and how to treat it. This process mirrors the principle of spiritual healing whereby we recognise the unseen realms and the dark origin of affliction and oppression that is opposite to the warmth, freedom and blessing of light.

The ability to see the invisible with insight, accuracy and confidence comes directly from the Spirit of Creation, who lives, breathes and gives out the purest light. Not only are we, the creation, able to perceive that light but to radiate it. As we want to understand our deepest need for healing – a broken spiritual connection – so we will get revelation on truly profound facts about this life and the next.

Spiritual, or divine, healing flows from wholeness, from the desire of our creator to walk our journey with us, to speak peace over us, to fill us with a sense of divine identity that transcends every aspect of our human nature, which is the soul and the body. It’s unlikely that we will achieve full healing in the natural in our lifetime, but we can carry the glory, the hope and the beauty of people made in the image of the divine for now and forever…

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