Spirit Tent with coloured flags at previous Burning Man Festival


Imagine being able to know for sure, to become certain of something you have sensed and hoped might be true, to plant your feet in confidence where you have tiptoed around in doubt for years…


SpiritSpace is a place to pursue dreams and longings, find freedom to ask deeper questions and rest in a kind of trust that lets you uncurl, and stretch out and soak up the Spirit of Light and Truth.


Whether you visit as a cautious participant or a seasoned Burner, or you simply want to crash because you’re burning up, you will discover a beautiful acceptance, a sense of belonging and renewed empowerment for your onward journey.


What one might expect in an encounter: 

- Dream Sensing

- Doors of Destiny

- Natural Meditation

- Art from the Heart

- Body Blessings & Positive Postures



We all have dreams, even if we don't remember them, and often they sound so weird when you recount them. Usually they reflect your emotions - how you're feeling about things past or present - using symbols to express what your mind is processing while you're asleep.


We can interpret all your dreams and even your nightmares, providing insight into your own dream language and patterns, and how they speak into your spiritual journey



Born into a material world, we are naturally curious about what lies beyond, exploring unseen realms to help us make sense of who we are and why we're here. Many of us continue to search, seeking to more fully connect our spirit with our mind and body while enjoying the journey. Yet deeper questions can arise to do with living out our destiny, causing us to question our present path and prompting a need to look for guidance. 


Take time with us to seek spiritual wisdom for a renewed sense of your direction for the present and the future.



We are designed to ponder and reflect, to connect our hearts and spirits with all that is not made by Man. The natural world still captivates our imagination with its awesome power, stunning beauty and intricate detail that carries a wealth of spiritual symbolism. 


Our gentle, guided meditation gives you time and space to explore the spirit of life through common visual images, connecting you deeper with the universe and increasing your joy and lightness of being.



Everyone of us is born with a desire to create, using vision and imagination to tap in to our artistic potential. Self-expression through art in any form is driven by a desire to make statements about who we are and record what moves us emotionally and spiritually. 


We will demonstrate simple acrylic painting techniques to inspire your creativity and explore how your own work can speak to others. Feel free to bring an artwork you have made and we will be happy to speak words of insight to encourage you on the path to fulfilment.



Body Blessing & Positive Postures increase your understanding of identity, self-worth and personhood in the moment. Through moving your body and engaging your emotions you can experience spiritual uplift, healing and a deeper connection. Welcome to a place and a space that lets you be who you are, as you are...


Body Blessing focuses on different areas of the body which all have positive words of blessing spoken over them. The impact is remarkable - heightened awareness, release of tension and a sense of inner peace in your whole being.


Positive Postures invites you to assume a symbolic posture following a verbal prompt. The act of physical movement involving your imagination is liberating and empowering, speaking to the whole person.


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